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Welcome To JP Residential Homes LLC

Building on Sturdy Foundations

About Our Home Constructor

As a young child, Juan Pérez was fascinated with the idea of using one’s own hands to build functional structures from scratch. In 2010 the founding of JP Residential Homes LLC turned this dream into a business reality, taking the advise from a Realtor who motivate him to build custom homes. Our team of seasoned builders and installers are here to turn your visions into tangible structures. Just give us a call and let us know what you want - we’ll take care of the rest.


Custom Farm Houses

What We Offer

20240127_102904 copy.jpg

1,903 Sq. Ft.
Modern Farmhouse

Charming 4 Bedroom Farmhouse


Residential Developments

Welcome to our exquisite collection of modern apartments, where contemporary design meets comfortable living. Our new construction project showcases two stunning duplex buildings, each housing two exceptional apartments, providing a total of four unique living spaces.


Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat or a spacious haven, our new apartment construction project offers a diverse range of options to suit your lifestyle. Explore our floor plans, discover the amenities, and envision yourself in these exceptional living spaces that combine contemporary aesthetics with comfort and convenience.

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7328 FM 1021
Eagle Pass TX 78852

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